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Here you will find links to things to do in my hometown, Louisville, KY, the Rusty Diaries, photos from our vacations, links to the web sites of friends and family, and links to sites of interest to me.

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In 1981, Sherry and I adopted our son, Keith. He was just shy of 9 yrs. old when he came to live with us. He was a WLKY Wednesday's child. Although we didn't see him on Wednesday's child, Liz Everman followed Keith's and our progress over the years.

Liz did a follow up piece with Keith after he came to live with us. Then when he was around 16 we all appeared on a Wednesday's Child Adoptathon. We appeared on a 2nd adoptathon a few years later.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving Liz brought a photographer to our house and spent two hours interviewing us and Keith and his family (they were in town for Thanksgiving).

This past Monday, Sherry and I appeared on the 35 anniversary Adoptathon. I TIVOed the one hour broadcast and then edited out everything except the segment in which we appeared. 

I put it here for your amusement and enjoyment. Thanks Liz and WLKY. 

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