Day 3 - Lima, Peru (Jan. 30)


After breakfast we decided to go to a local park within walking distance of our hotel. It’s called Bosque El Olivar (Spanish) or El Olivar Grove Park (English). You should check out the previous links. It’s a beautiful park filled with hundreds of magical olive trees and about 30 different species of birds. We saw lots of pigeons and a couple of other different kinds of birds which we were not savvy enough to identify, but during our walk I heard some beautiful bird songs among the pigeon cooing.  The sign says “Attention! Peeing in public is prohibited."


On the way to the park we discovered a wonderful art gallery, Enlace Arte Contemporaneo with a small sculpture garden and an exhibit of wonderful paintings by Peruvian artist Jorge Vigil. The exhibit is titled Las Peras del Alma (The Pears of the Soul). I love the whimsy of the paintings and the vision of the artist. In the front courtyard of the gallery is a wonderful statue by Peruvian artist Gerardo Chavez. I don’t know what it is called but it is demonic and erotic. I also see a hint of the classical Roman and Greek gods in it.


The internet connection on the ship is via satellite. It is extremely slow (snails move faster than the internet) and it’s not cheap. I will post updates as often as I can.

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