13—Chainfire by Terry Goodkind

Lord Richard Rahl is wounded in battle and the Sorceress Nicci is able to heal him through her use of both additive and subtractive magic. When he awakens several days later he asks about his wife, Kahlan, who is also the Mother Confessor.

No one has ever heard of Kahlan. His closest friends, Nicci, Cara (the Mord Sith who protects him) his grandfather Zedd, all think he is delusional. But Richard persists; he knows he is not dreaming or delusional. 

In search of Kahlan, Richard, Nicci, and Cara journey to the home of Shota the witch woman. She also claims to not know of Kahlan, but in return for "The Sword of Truth" she gives him three clues.

The clues lead him to the Wizards's Keep, the Deep Nothing, and to the People's Palace. He learns that the Sisters of the Dark have called forth Chainfire, an ancient spell that makes everyone forget the person upon whom it is used. In addition the spell erases all mention of Kahlan in the books of Prophecy.

The Sisters of the Dark have used the spell on Kahlan and in turn have used her to steal the Boxes of Orden and to put them in to play. Unless Richard can find the answer it means the end of all life.

This is the 10th book in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series.

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