27—Blockade Billy by Stephen King

It's the spring of 1957, and Baseball's New Jersey Titans don't have a catcher. The Titans arrive home for the opening day game and are met by Billy Blakely. He doesn't look like much to George Grantham, the Titan's third base coach, when he meets Billy outside the stadium on game day. He had been called up from the minors and drove 16 hours from Iowa to get to New Jersey.

His first outing behind the plate he shows remarkable skill, and determination. He blocks an opposing runner from third base and gets the out. He repeats this feat in the following games and earns the nickname Blockade Billy. His batting is phenomenal and he is on the way to a great career.

But there's something not quite right about Blockade Billy. He talks to himself in the third person, and there are some questions about his methods. Yet the Titans are having an incredible 1st month.

It turns out there is something wrong with Billy and because of that the teams 1st month is erased from the books.

An entertaining story with an unexpected twist at the end.

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