03-The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey by Walter Mosley

Ptolemy Grey is 91 years old and in and out of dementia. He lives, for the most part, in his head. Ptolemy's apartment is filthy and filled with his treasures and his trash. His great grand nephew Reggie comes to his home two or three times a week to help. One day Reggie doesn't come and another of his nephews comes and takes him to Reggie's funeral. Reggie was killed in a drive-by shooting.

Robyn is a young woman whose parents are dead and she is living with Ptolemy's great niece. One day Robyn is sent to help Ptolemy and they forge an immediate friendship. She cleans Ptolemy's apartment, takes him shopping and ends up living with Ptolemy as his caretaker.

Ptolemy meets a doctor who is doing research on a new medicine for dementia. Ptolemy becomes part of his research and is given the drug. The drug works for Ptolemy and his mind becomes like that of a much younger and healthier man.

Ptolemy uses his time to get, with Robyn's help, his affairs in order and to find the person who killed Reggie.

Throughout the novel we learn about Ptolemy's childhood and the murder of his Uncle Coy who was a bigger influence on Ptolemy than his parents.

An intriguing story of growing up black and growing old with dementia. A story of love and enduring friendship.

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