Day 1 & 2 - Lima, Peru (Jan. 28 & 29)


We arrived in Lima on January 28th around 10:30 p.m. It took us an hour to get through immigration and customs. We were met outside of customs by the driver from our hotel. It took 1/2 hour to reach our hotel and when there we were met by new friends Nino and Frida Scialom (pronounced shalom - Nino’s father was Italian).

Nino is a friend of my Seneca High School class mate, Leon Wahba. Both Leon and Nino are Egyptian Jews who emigrated, Nino to Peru in the mid 1950s and Leon to Kentucky in the early 1960s (I believe). They did not know each other in Egypt but met through an internet forum for Jews born in Egypt.

After breakfast on our first morning in Lima we walked one block to a farmacia (pharmacy) where we purchased items we couldn’t bring in our carry-ons. Yes, for our two month odyssey, we each had only one carry-on and one back pack. So we needed to purchase toothpaste, listerine, sun screen, and other necessities. 


On the right is all our luggage and on the left the supplies we bought our first day in Lima.

After our trip to the farmacia we caught a taxi to the Museo Larco ceramics museum. The ceramics date back to pre columbian times. Rafel Herrara Larco was an early 20th century archeologist who excavated many Incan and pre-Columbian sites throughout Peru. Most all of the ceramics he collected he put in his museum which is now owned and operated by his granddaughter. In addition to the ceramics there are pieces made of textiles, and others of precious metals.

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Located in a separate section of the museum is a collection of erotic ceramic depicting fertility of the people and of the land.


In addition to the regular exhibits there are shelves upon shelves upon shelves of the ceramics in a storage room. The shelves are encased with glass and the ceramics are sorted according to kind. 


The grounds of the museum are also very lovely. They are filled with bright-colored flowers, interesting varieties of cacti, statuary, and well-maintained lawns. 

We returned to the hotel in the afternoon after a meal in a local market near the museum. We napped in the afternoon and then walked to a local cafe near the hotel. Then back to our hotel for a well earned night’s rest.

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