Day 22, Feb 18, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

We were supposed to anchor in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands on February 14,  but the seas were too rough and our tenders wouldn’t be able to shuttle us to and from the island. The powers that be arranged an additional stop and we set sail for New Zealand.

Our disappointment in missing Rarotonga was dissipated as the ship sailed into harbor of Bay of Islands, New Zealand, one of the most beautiful harbors of our trip and, for my money, the prettiest place we had seen.

It was one large expanse of bright blue water with many small islands dotting the landscape. After anchoring we took the tender to Bay of Islands and then the shuttle bus to the town. We walked around, had a meal and purchased a souvenir or two and then walked the mile and a half back to the wharf to catch the tender back to the ship. It was a delightful afternoon in paradise.

© Surveyor of the Passing Scene