Day 25, February 21, Auckland, NZ-Day 3


We didn’t have anything scheduled for today other than to walk around the center of town. Auckland has some interesting buildings and the Auckland Civic Theater is a vintage theater which went into operation in 1929 as a movie house for “talkies.” It is of the same era as the Louisville Palace but not of the same style. 

Unfortunately we were unable to get past the doors leading to the lobby but it looked wonderful inside. As I write this I did a search and found a 360° tour of the theater on line. The theater is as grand inside as the Palace and very different.


Like most of the cities we have visited Auckland has many interesting skyscrapers. Unlike Louisville, the majority of the tall buildings in the city were more than just rectangular boxes. The unique copper-colored  building pictured on the right was one of my favorites.


For lunch we went to the Shakespeare Hotel and Brewery and had  local beer and fish and chips for lunch. We sat outside on a second floor balcony as we ate and watched the world go by. After lunch we returned to the ship and relaxed till 6 when the ship set sail for the next port and dinner was served.

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