Day 26, February 22, Tauranga, NZ-Part 3                             Hobbiton


Today we visited Hobbiton, the outdoor movie set for The Shire in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit movie. It was an extraordinary experience to see this place.

The story we were told is that director Peter Jackson flew over the islands of New Zealand looking for a location for the Hobbit village and Bag End - Bilbo Baggins’ home. After he saw this site he approached the two brothers that owned it, and their lives were changed forever. Their farm is now a major tourist attraction and they have exclusive rights to the tours, souvenirs, and t-shirts which they sell for 40 or 50 years. The photo above left is a scan of the ticket stub for the tour. It shows the front door of the Baggins home. The photo on the right is the photo I took of the same front door. 


Peter Jackson built this village for the movies but the hobbit holes are facades only. None of the interior sequences were shot on site, with the possible exception of the shots in the Green Dragon (photo to the left). 

We were able to go into one of the hobbit holes but it was only one very small room and because hobbits are very short it is not possible to stand up in the room. Sherry is looking out the window of this hobbit hole in the photo on the right.


The path to the right is the one, I believe, where Frodo awaits the arrival of Gandalf who is coming to celebrate Bilbo’s 111th birthday.

Photo below left is of  the hobbit holes. The one on the right is of beehives.



On the right the dragon Smaug is coming for the hobbits.

Our visit to Hobbiton ranks 2nd only to our visit to Easter Island in excitement and thrills. What a wonderful adventure we are having.



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