Day 28, February 24 - Napier, NZ

In 1931 Napier was leveled after a massive earthquake. When the the town was rebuilt an abundance of the buildings were built in the Art Deco style of the period. They are fascinating to look at and the photos below do not do them justice. (Click on individual photos to view).

There were other interesting buildings as well, like the museum below.


We didn’t go inside the museum. We were a little travel weary and wanted a break from tours. We just walked around the town trying to get a feel for it. There was a beautiful garden near where the shuttle bus  dropped us off and the beach was amazing.



Near the garden and the beach was Napier’s version of Stockholm’s Little Mermaid, Pania of the Reef, a Maori Legend.


After lunch we went on a Supertrike tour of the sights of Napier. This vehicle was custom built for the owner and the engine is a Chevy 350 (I think that’s the right size) engine. The supertrike will hold 4 passengers. You can see more photos and videos on the Supertrike FB page.


After lunch, where, as always, my drink of choice is a local brew, we returned to the ship. On the way back we passed a pier where timber was being loaded on a cargo ship bound for China. Timber is one of the largest industries in New Zealand. New Zealand is very green and after the clear a section of land they reforest it with seedlings. It takes about a 18 years for the trees to grow to harvesting size. In nearly every port we visited we saw timber being stacked and loaded onto ships. Click here to read about logging in New Zealand.


Later that afternoon, we set sail for our next port of call, Wellington, New Zealand

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