Days 12-15, February 8-11, At Sea and                                         Papeete, Tahiti

After a couple of days at sea we landed in Papeete (every syllable is pronounced - pa pay eh tay) on the morning of the February 11. We took a ship’s tour of the city stopping in three places. Our first stop was at the Abodes of the Gods. A park with several ti’i or tikis. It is a quiet place with religious connotations.

Next we were taken to a private home of an Englishman who is married to a woman from China. The home is huge and the gardens are spectacular. Our hostess told us about the flora in her garden and then treated us to some pineapple juice and fruit all of which was grown in her garden.

After the tour we returned to the ship. And after dinner we took a stroll on the pier. Where I took the photo of the stern of the Serenity.

© Surveyor of the Passing Scene