My Reading List

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My Reading List

May 7, 2020—I haven’t read much in the past two years. With the addition of the two books I have read this year I’ve read a total of 9 books in 2019-2020. I hope to do better.

January 5, 2016—Last year I read 31 books, hooray for me! the goal for this year is to keep reading. (The last book of last year and the first book of this year are the same as I started reading it at the end of the year and didn’t finish until today (January 5, 2016>

January 19, 2015—2014 was another unspectacular year as far as my reading goes. I only read 18 books. I’m going to try for 24 again this year. And so it goes!

February 23, 2014—Didn't reach my goal last year. I've not been reading much the last few months. Hope to read 24 books this year.

January 6, 2013—I made it, I read 38 books last year - that's 2 more than  my goal. My goal again this year is 3 books a month or 36 total.

January 1, 2012—Last year I read only 28 books. In the fall I took a Spanish class at the University of Louisville and my time was consumed by that class. My goal for this year is 36 books.

January 2, 2010—I missed last year's goal by 1 book. My goal for 2011 is 40 books or 3.3 books a month. I think I can! Wish me luck.

February 12, 2009—I've upped my goal to 3 books a month (that's 14 book more than last year).

12/15/08—January 2008, I made a New Year's Resolution to read, on average, one book a month during 2008. I've done way better than that - reading 22 books to date. My goal for 2009 is to read 1.5 books, on average, a month. Of course I hope to read more but we'll see. I'll post the books as I read them.

03/12/17—Having a slow start to reading this year!

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