03—Skeleton Lake by Mike Doogan

With a few exceptions, I don't usually read mysteries. I do check them out of the library for my wife. On occasion she will recommend I read a particularly interesting one. Such is the case with Skeleton Lake. 

The story takes place within three different time periods, with three seemingly different storylines. When the book begins it's 2007 and we meet Nik Kane, a former police detective who has been critically wounded in a gun battle. The story line then fades to 1985 when the newly promoted Detective Kane and his partner are assigned to investigate the death of a policeman. And finally we are taken back to 1962, where a teenage Nik Kane is trying to make some sense out of the eerie disappearance of his ne'er-do-well father. 

The narrative slips seamlessly between times and the three plot lines converge into a satisfying ending.

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