05—Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce is a giant in the field of Young Adult fantasy literature. Her novels are set in another time, a time of knights or (as in this story) magic and mages; mages who can commune with plants or water or animals or stones.

Pierce's young heroines are strong yet often in need of life's lessons to help guide them on the road to adulthood and control of their magics. These young women are guided and mentored by adult mages, usually women, who are strong and self-assured in their own right.

So it is with Evvy, the teenaged mage who gets her power from stones, rocks which are as old as the world in which she lives. Her boon companion is Luvo, the "heart of a mountain" and born of a volcano in a past millennia. Evvy and Luvo met when Evvy's magic touched Luvo's mountain. He became fascinated with "meat creatures" and wanted to know more of their world.

Dedicat Rosethorn, Evvy's guardian and teacher, Dedicate Myrrhtide, and Evvy have been called to the Battle Islands to find out why the island's waters and plant life are dying. Through use of her magic and with Luvo's help, Evvy discovers there is a long-dormant volcano under the island, preparing to explode and destroy the island and it's inhabitants.

Evvy, with the help of her friends and teachers saves the island and in the process learns much about herself and her relationships with other people.

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