10—The List of Adrian Messenger by Philip MacDonald

Adrian Messenger is on to something and before he goes on vacation to America he asks his friend from Brigadier-General George Firth a favor. He hands Firth a list of names and asks him to check them out - are the men on the list living at the addresses on the list? Messenger won't tell Firth why, but indicates something sinister is going on.

Firth agrees and a few days after their meeting the plane on which Messenger is traveling mysteriously blows up.

Firth discovers that all the men but three on Messenger's list have died in unrelated accidents. Given Messenger's "accidental" death Firth goes to Scotland Yard and the case is turned over to retired General Anthony Grethyn. Grethyn agrees to take on the case and so the story unfolds.

Grethyn discovers the plane was sabotaged and uncovers a sinister plot to eliminate all the men on the list and all for an inheritance.

This is a good read.  Grethyn is a unique detective in the style of Sherlock Holmes, and all the Britishisms add an element of fun to the story.

The book was made into a movie of the same name in 1963. I saw the movie (only on VHS) and then read the book. Both good use of my time.

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