16—Three-Ten to Yuma and Other Stories by Elmore Leonard

Often there is a confluence of events that precipitate an action. Such was the case with me and Elmore Leonard. I am an avid listener of public radio and twice in one week I heard interviews of Elmore Leonard. He is on tour promoting his newest novel "Road Dogs". Also, I was a big fan of the movie "Get Shorty", taken from Leonard's novel of the same name and had always intended to read some of his work but just never got around to it. And so it came to pass that I checked out "Three-Ten to Yuma and other stories" from the public library.

"Three-Ten to Yuma" is one of seven stories in the collection I read. It is about a lawman taking a prisoner to jail. He has to catch a train (the 3:10 to Yuma) and holes up in a hotel room, with the prisoner, for a few hours before the train is to leave. Only problem is the prisoner's buddies are waiting to set him free. An intriguing story as are the other six in the book. Leonard is an exceptional writer and I highly recommend this collection. 

BTW, "Get Shorty" is on my night table and I'll be reading it soon.

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