19—Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard

Chili Palmer, a shylock who works for the mob in Miami goes to LA to chase down a "client" who skipped town owing him a lot of money. Palmer is a huge movie buff and can tell you all about movies. He can even tell you what movie you are watching just by overhearing some of the dialogue.

During the course of events and he encounters Harry Zimm, a b-movie producer who's got a script he's trying to sell. Palmer has an idea for a movie (based on part of his life) and tells Zimm the basic plot.

The two become enmeshed and also thrown into the mix is a mob guy from Miami looking to off Palmer, and a couple of local drug dealers / loan sharks who want a piece of the action.

An ok story but a slow read. 

I saw the movie of the same name with John Travolta (1995) and think it was better than the book!

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