22—The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

At age 18 months, Nobody "Bod" Owens human parents and are murdered by a mysterious man known as Jack. A precocious toddler, Bod, unaware of the death around him manages to get out of his crib and slide down the stairs to find an open door. He heads out and makes it to a nearby graveyard where the ghosts that inhabit the yard decide to take him in. He is adopted by a centuries old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Owens and protected by Silas, neither human nor ghost, but a member of the Honour Guard.

Under the watchful eye of his new parents and the other haunts of the graveyard Bod grows up and around age 15 his parents killers come looking for him. But the lessons he learned living in the graveyard help in defeat the evil forces pursuing him. 

And now it is time for Bod to leave the only home he has known. His mentors have prepared him well  and he goes into the world to explore and discover who he is.

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