30—Starfinder by John Marco

Beyond the mountain city of Calio was the Reach, an impenetrable, foggy land that separates humans from the land of Skylords, Dragons, and Centaurs.

50 years ago, two Eldrin Knights, Leroux and Render (who is now governor) stole the Starfinder, an instrument of enslavement, from the Skylords who ruled the land beyond the reach. The knights were able to capture the Starfinder with the help of the Skylord, Esme, who had fallen in love with Leroux. Also helping steal the instrument was Merceron the dragon. For their treachery the Skylords turned Esme into a kestral forced Merceron to abandon his family and go into hiding and The Eldrin Knights and Esme returned to Calio.

After the death of his mother, 11 year old Moth came to live with Leroux. Moth's only friend was Fiona, the orphaned granddaughter of Render.

Before he died two years later, Leroux gave the Starfinder to Moth and charged him with returning to the land beyond the Reach with Esme. He was to find Merceron and together find a way to return Esme back into a Skylord. 

Fionas grandfather ignores her and feeling unwanted and unloved she decides to go with Moth. 

With the help of the Starfinder (which works only for Moth) they make their way the reach to Merceron.

Meanwhile Render and a small crew of soldiers navigate through the reach in a starship-The Avatar-designed and built by Render. They follow Fiona and Moth in order to get the Starfinder.

In the end the forces of good and evil meet in a ferocious battle. The humans partnered with the dragons and centaurs and Esme (who has regained her Skylord form) defeat the Skylords and Moth, Fiona, and Render return to Calio with the Starfinder.

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