35—Castle by J. Robert Lennon

After a long absence Eric Loesch returns to the home of his childhood in Gerrysburg, NY. Loesch, a man who keeps to himself and doesn't easily make, or want, friends buys a few hundred acres of land with an old, run down house. He rennovates the house and explores his land. In the middle of his property is a 120 ft. tall piece of granite. In one of the rooms of the house is picture, drawn by some long forgotten child of a castle.

During these early days Loesch discovers that he doesn't own a parcel of the land around the granite and that the owner of the parcel is unknown.

After rennovating the house Eric begins to explore the land around the granite and in the course this exploration we learn who Loesch is, why he has returned home, and what demons drive his life.

An intriguing novel into the mind of another with lessons of the Iraq war yet to be learned.

Alas I am one book short of my goal. But it's been fun.

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