14—Juliet Naked by Nick Hornby

First I saw the movie "High Fidelity." I liked it so much I got the book, by Nick Hornby, from which the movie was taken. The movie was extremely faithful to the book. Then in 2006, Hornby wrote "A Long Way Down" and I just couldn't get into the book. I couldn't.

When Juliet Naked came out earlier this year I reserved it from the library and 2 pages into it, I was hooked.

Annie and Duncan have lived together for 15 years. The relationship has gone stale. Duncan is obsessed with a has-been American rocker from the 80s, Tucker Crowe. When the book opens Duncan and Annie are visiting San Francisco. Duncan wants to see the home of Juliet, the woman who inspired Crowe's last and best album "Juliet."

When they return to their home in England Annie and Duncan's relationship begins to fall apart. First, Crowe has released an unplugged version of "Juliet" titled "Juliet Naked." Duncan writes a glowing review of the new album for his Tucker Crowe web site and discussion board. Annie doesn't think the album is so great and is at odds with Duncan about it. Then Duncan has an affair with a co-worker and when she finds out Annie kicks him out of the house.

In the meantime, Tucker sees Annie's post on the web site and sends her an email and tells her she got it right. Thus begins an email correspondence between Tucker and Annie and their eventual meeting in England.

Along the way we learn about Tucker's parasitic relationships with the mothers of his 5 children and of his almost non-relationships with all his children except the youngest, Jackson.

An intriguing story about relationships, love, loss of one's muse, and existing in an unfullfilling life simply because it's easier to do nothing than something.

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