23—A Visible Darkness by Jonathon King

Former cop Max Freeman has escaped his life as a policeman in Philadelphia. He lives on the edge of the Everglades in southern Florida, and comes out only to buy groceries or have lunch with his friend and lawyer Billy Manchester. Occasionally, he reluctantly acts as a private investigator and in "A Visible Darkness" he is called out to investigate the questionable deaths of a series of elderly women. Their deaths have all been deemed by natural causes but the daughter of one believes her mother was murdered.

Teamed with Billy Manchester and local Miami detective, Sherry Richards, Max uncovers a nefarious plot to collect insurance money.

For those of you who listen to Books On Tape, this book's reader, Nick Sullivan is amazing. Each character has a different sound and you think there are multiple readers instead of just one.

(Book on tape while traveling to Fairhope.)

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