37—Take the Cannoli [Stories From the New World] by Sarah Vowell

This is a collection of essays and commentaries, many of which the author presented on Public Radio's "This American Life." I especially enjoyed the first section "Home Movies" where Vowell tells of her early life with her gun toting, republican father. The stories are funny and filled with love.

Her story "What I See When I Look at the Face on the $20 Bill is a telling of her road trip with her sister Amy. They followed the Trail Of Tears, the path the Cherokee took from Georgia to Oklahoma when President Andrew Jackson forced them from their lands in the 1820s. Vowell is part Cherokee and she wanted to trace the route the Cherokee took and see what there was to see and understand what ever could be learned.

I was reading this book concomitantly with Sarah's Key which is the story of the French uprooting the Jews during WWII and the parallels are striking.

Vowell's is a unique voice. The stories are filled with humor, poignancy, and irony.

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