40—Red Hook Road by Ayelet Waldman

The day John Tetherly and Becca Copaken married they were killed in an automobile accident on the way to the wedding reception. This is a story of how the lives of their families were altered by their deaths.

The story takes place over 4 summers, the first being the summer of their marriage and death. The principal characters are Daniel and Iris Copaken, Becca's parents and Julie Copaken Becca's younger sister; Jane Tetherly, John's mother and Matt his younger brother; and Mr. Kimmelbrod (Iris' father) and Samantha, John's cousin.

The story is about the grief John and Becca's families share and how they don't share that grief with each other.

The fabric of their lives has always been intertwined and until they realize that they cannot get on with their lives.

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