04-The Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks

Mistaya, the daughter of Ben Holiday and his sylph wife, Willow, has returned to Landover after being suspended from her human boarding school.

Ben, the King of Landover, on the advice of his trusted advisors, Questor Thews and Abernathy, sends Princess Mistaya to Libiris, the Royal Library which was abandoned years ago, to bring it back to its full glory. Mistaya rebels, runs away and through an assortment of events ends up in Libiris. Once there she encounters exiled wizard Craswell Crabbit, his henchman, Rufus Pinch, and Thom, an indentured servant. She and Thom become friends and together they uncover a plot to kill her father and to release demons from the underworld.

As always, Brooks novels are wonderful reading and full of adventure and excitement.

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