08-Deadline by John Dunning

Reporter Dalton Walker happens on a fire in the tent of a traveling circus. An 8 year old child is found dead in the aftermath of the fire. No one claims her body and after 3 months the little girl is buried in a pauper's cemetery. Dalton writes a compelling story about the funeral and then stakes out the grave site. The child's mother visits the grave late one night and Dalton trails her and eventually, with the help of his friend from the FBI, finds out she is a radical fromt he 60s wanted for murder and bank robbery.

The woman, in her efforts to escape capture kidnaps Walker and his girlfriend and transports them to Chicago where she has stashed money in a safety deposit vault.

But the FBI is waiting and they manage to elude capture and the chase continues and ends in the heart of the Pennsylvania Amish country.

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