24—Ed King, A Novel by David Guterson

In this retelling of the Oedipus Rex novel, Ed King was the offspring of a liaison between a father and his children's nanny. Ed's mother abandoned him on a doorstep in Portland, Oregon and he was subsequently adopted by a liberal and indulgent Jewish Couple.

Ed grows up spoiled and irresponsible and as a teenager, causes the death of his biological father.

Ed is brilliant and attends Stanford University where he earns a degree in Math. He goes on to create the equivalent of our real-life Google and becomes a multi-billionaire.

And wouldn't you know it, on the day his adoptive father dies, he meets his biolgical mother and takes solace in a sex. They become a couple and he eventually marries her. 

In his 50s, he discovers he is adoptive and begins the search to find his adoptive parents and that is when he learns he killed his father and married his mother.

While I was reading the section of the book when Ed kills his father I knew I was reading Oedipus Rex redux! 

In places it's an interesting tale but Guterson tends to ramble and the story is obvious. And the ending: Ed King dies as a result of his hubris.

While googling Guterson I leaned that he is the winner of this years Bad Sex in Fiction award. Who woulda thunk!

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