10—The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

Simply Read Books Inc, 2004

This is a picture book for older kids. Tans main character stumbles on an unusual "thing" at the beach. Nobody seems to notice it and he feels as if the thing is lost. The two of them play together all day and at the end of the day he brings it to his house where his parents don't seem to notice it.

He searches the newspaper for ads looking for the lost thing but can't find any notices. He decides to take the thing to the Federal Department of Odds and Ends. When he arrives there, the thing seems forlorn and he doesn't want to leave it.

Someone gives him a scrap of paper with an arrow on it and tells him to take the lost thing to this place. After much searching they find the place and the lost thing seems very happy, so they say goodbye and part ways.

The book is filled with Tan's fantastical drawings which require careful scrutiny and as much effort as any "Where's Waldo" book. The drawings are wonderful and will provide the hungry reader with much food for thought.

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