38—Lizz Free or Die by Lizz Winstead

Riverhead Books, 2012

A series of funny, poignant, or funny and poignant essays about her life. Lizz first regales us with her 8 year old self's desire to be an altar boy to earn money and her 8 year old vision of how the catholic symbols hanging in her childhood home scared the jesus out of her. She goes on to describe how she got into stand-up comedy and how that led to her heading up the team of writers that produced "The Daily Show" and "Air America Radio." She tells about her strong family bonds and the love and support her catholic parents gave to the rebel child and adult she became.

Lizz knew everybody - She was roommates with NPR's Michele Norris and gave Rachel Maddow her first national airwaves exposure.

A well-written, insightful memoir.

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