02—Divergent by Veronica Roth

Harper Collins, 2011

It's the future, a dystopian future in Chicago. The city is in ruins and their are 5 tribes each with a different job. The Dauntless are the protectors, Abnegation are the selfless people who rule, The Erudites, are the scholars, The Candors always tell the truth, and Amity, friends to everyone.

At age 16, children take a mental test, a simulation that allows the testers to determine which tribe will be the best fit for the teen, although each teen may ignore the test and choose whichever tribe they wish.

Our heroine, Beatrice, born into Abnegation, tests divergent—she fits into three different tribes but divergents are shunned and often killed so Beatrice is warned not to tell anyone. She chooses Dauntless and during her training discovers a plot by the Dauntless and Erudites, who are unhappy with their lot, to overthrow the existing order and take charge. 

Beatrice, or Tris as she now calls herself, and her divergent friend Four, foil the plot, but society is in chaos at the book's end. 

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