Day 4 (January 31) Lima, Peru and                                                       on board the Crystal Ship, Serenity.

We woke this morning excited to be boarding the ship. After breakfast we packed our bags then met our friend Nino in the lobby. We walked a short block to a coffee shot, one Nino often enjoys and talked and drank coffee. Nino is an interesting and gregarious man and knew many of the people, and talked with them, in the coffee shop.

A little before noon we returned to the hotel, checked out, and left for the port of Callao. It was about an 1/2 hour ride. When we arrived, the driver had to drop us off at the gate and after we passed through we boarded a bus for the ship - about a five minute ride. (On the left is the first view of our ship and on the right is a view from the deck of the Serenity.


After checking in and putting our clothes up in our state room we took a tour of the ship. More photos of the ship and activities in days to come.

© Surveyor of the Passing Scene